Services A-Z (75)

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A/V Equipment Repair

Request A/V equipment repair in a classroom, conference room, or common area

Activate/Change/Delete Long Distance/international Calling Service for a Telephone or Cell Phone

Change the ability to use long distance and international calling services on a telephone or college-issued cell phone.

askPGCC Access Issue

Obtain assistance with your askPGCC access to the client portal, knowledge base, or ticketing application


Blackboard and Canvas Technical Support

Support for technical issues with Blackboard or Canvas

Business Objects (BO)

Obtain assistance with access to Business Objects

Business System Access

Request security access to business systems (Colleague, Recruit, EAB Navigate, Self Service, etc.)

Business System Change Request

Request changes to existing ERP business systems (Colleague, Recruit, Owl Link, etc.)


Comments & Suggestions about askPGCC

We value your feedback. Please provide comments and suggestions about askPGCC

Computer Software Installation

Install current PGCC owned and licensed computer software

Connect to a Network Printer

Add access to a PGCC local/network printer on your PC

Cost Estimates for Audiovisual (A/V) Equipment

A/V equipment review, approval, and cost estimates

Cost Estimates for Hardware/Software

Hardware/Software review, approval, and cost estimates

Custom Web Application Development

Support for custom web application(s) development including integration


Data Changes and Approvals

Request to add, modify or remove data within business systems

Data Jacks (Wired Connection)

Network connection to support computers, printers, or other computing resources

Data Reporting

Assistance with data, research, assessment and effectiveness

Database Access

Provide access to SQL database(s)


EAB Navigate

Request assistance with EAB Navigate


Obtain assistance with your ed2go login

Electronic Lock: Auto-Lock Scheduling

Request an electronic lock be set to unlock and relock on a daily schedule or make modifications to the current automatic unlock/relock schedule

Electronic Lock: Report a Problem

Report a problem with an electronic lock


Facilities Maintenance Work Order

All customer work requests for services are logged and entered into a work order delivery system known as SchoolDude's Maintenance Direct.

H Portal Content

Manage myPGCC Portal content on behalf of content owners Portal Development

Request to create a SharePoint Portal site or Site/Sub-Site/Page Development in myPGCC


Implement New Technology Solution

Solution that does not exist at the institution. This could be a new third-party software or custom application

Install or Relocate A/V Equipment

Install or relocate Audio Visual equipment

Integrations Development

Support for all in-bound and outbound integrations to WCMS and SharePoint

Introduce New Technology Functionality

Introduce new features and behaviors for ERP and Third Party applications

IT Remote Work Support

IT request intake for employees during work at home

IT Security

Data and network risk, security, and compliance resources


Media Duplication

Duplication of electronic media (copyright law and rules apply)

Meeting Setup Services

A/V setup for a meeting at a known location and time

MS Bookings - Issue Scheduling In-person Service

Request assistant for issues with scheduling in-person service at the Largo Campus or extension locations

myPGCC Single Sign-on Issue (College Network Account)

Request assistance with accessing myPGCC and Single Sign-on (SSO) applications, as well as issues using your College network account


New Website Content

Use this service to request content updates to the new website

New Solution/Functionality Training

ERP Solution Services will provide training on applications, processes, and procedures for new products and features

New Telephone Installation

Request the installation of a new telephone


ODS Support

Move data from Colleague or external source into ODS database

Online Admissions Application

Password reset to register for admissions

Other Remote Work Resources for Employees

Links to valuable and timely information for remote work

Owl Alert

Create or modify your account or reset your Owl Alert password

Owl Link (Self-service Application) Issue

Report an issue with using a feature or functionality within Owl Link


Problem with a PGCC Owned Printer, Scanner, or Copier

Report a problem with a PGCC owned printer, scanner, or copier

Problem with PGCC Computer Equipment

Report a problem with PGCC owned computers, laptops, tablets, keyboards, and mice

Problem with PGCC Supported Computer Software

Report a problem with PGCC supported software for computers, laptops and tablets

Purchase Audio Visual Equipment

Request to purchase audio visual equipment

Purchase Desktop Computer Technology

Request to purchase desktop computers

Purchase Laptop/Tablet Technology

Request to purchase laptop/tablet devices

Purchase Printer/Copier Technology

Request to purchase printer/copier devices

Purchase Technology Supplies

Purchase technology supplies

Purchase/Renew Software Technology

Request new purchase or renewal of software technology


Recommend or Update askPGCC Knowledge Article

Recommend the addition or modification of a knowledge article in the askPGCC Knowledge Base

Removal of Computer Equipment

Removal of excess technology equipment

Report a Physical or Operational Problem with a Cell Phone

Report damage or an operational problem for an existing cell phone

Report a Physical or Operational Problem with a Telephone

Report problems with an existing telephone

Report Facility Utility Outage (Emergency)

This information is provided to report an emergency facility outage affecting the larger community of users and not intended for requesting a general maintenance work order. Report a utility outage to Facilities Management at 301-546-0658 (during regular work hours) or to Campus Police at 301-546-0666 (after hours).

Report IT System Outage (Emergency)

This service is to report an emergency technology system outage affecting the larger community of users and not intended for requesting a general IT request.

Request New Cell Phone

Request a cell phone or other mobile device be assigned to an employee

Restore Files from a Network Drive

Restore a directory/file(s) from a supported network drive

Restore Files on Servers and Databases

Restoration of files on servers and databases


Scan to a Network Folder

Setup/configure access from a scanner to a network location

Shared File Access

Add, modify or delete access to shared files and documents with other users on public folder (S Drive)

Special Printing and Duplication

Requests for printing forms, flyers, posters, invitations, etc.

Student Identification Card

Information for obtaining a student identification card


Technical Training on A/V Equipment

Request training on A/V equipment

Technology Training

Access this service for technology training and help creating technology lesson plans for individuals and groups

Telephone Number Assignment

Report inaccurate telephone number assigned to an employee

TK20 Forms

Forms used for the Benchmark 3000 scanner
* Batch Header Form (Benchmark # 20150 -Green Form)
* Standard Form (Benchmark # 29240 02/12 C1354 - Brown Form)


Username Change Request for Student

Resolve incorrect naming of a student username


Voice Mail Reset

Request to have the security code reset for a telephone voice mailbox


Web Applications Infrastructure Management

Supporting Web App Stack Infrastructure

Web Applications Operational Support

Report an issue with an existing application

Website and Portal Access

Request access to modify PGCC website or myPGCC portal page

Wi-Fi (Wireless Connection)

Wireless connection to PGCC's network and the internet in key indoor and outdoor spaces