Data Reporting

The Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness (RAE) office is responsible for gathering and sharing data about the college.  It manages and administers the college’s business intelligence tools (Business Objects) with Enterprise Technology, and provides consultation in the areas of data collection, interpretation, analysis, and reporting and tracking methodology. Please select the green “Request Service” button on the right side of the screen for additional assistance.

In order to meet the College’s external reporting obligations, while maintaining a high level of support for administrators, faculty, and staff involved in institutional assessment processes, the RAE team will set aside one month at the height of the fall and spring reporting periods, when no new internal data requests will be processed. This month will be referred to as Peak Reporting Season. Data requests received immediately before or during the Peak Reporting Season will be entered into a queue and processed at a later time. Support will still be available to Business Objects users through scheduled Business Objects Open Sessions.

During the fall semester, the Peak Reporting Season will be scheduled from September 15 to October 15. During the spring semester, the Peak Reporting Season will occur in the month of February.

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