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Confirming Multi-Factor Delivery Methods

This article helps PGCC users confirm the Multi-Factor Authentication (OTP: One-Time Passcode) Delivery Methods.

Not sure what alternative email or phone number PGCC has listed under your account, check your OwlLink User Profile (go to OwlLink -> click on PGCC Username from the top right-hand side of the page -> click User Profile).

FAQ for MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

This article answers some common questions regarding the implementation/use of MFA here at PGCC.

IT Remote Work Support FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for employees working remotely from home.

MFA User Guide Instructions

What is Multifactor Authentication?

Prove it’s you with two! … Two step authentication, that is. 

MFA is a layered approach to securing your online accounts and the data they contain. When you enable MFA in your online services (like email), you must provide a combination of two or more authenticators to verify your identity before the service grants you access. Using MFA protects your account more than just using a username and password.