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Activation, password reset or request additional assistance with your Owl Mail account

Report a problem with PGCC owned computers, laptops, tablets, keyboards, and mice

Report an issue with the Outlook email system

Obtain assistance with your Blackboard login

Request large scale conferencing or webinars on the Zoom platform

Report a problem with a PGCC owned printer, scanner, or copier

Access this service for technology training and help creating technology lesson plans for individuals and groups

A/V setup for a meeting at a known location and time

Create or modify your account or reset your Owl Alert password

Request assistance with your Owl Link account

Setup/configure access from a scanner to a network location

Move data from Colleague or external source into ODS database

Report a problem with PGCC supported software for computers, laptops and tablets

Request A/V equipment repair in a classroom, conference room, or common area

Request an electronic lock be set to unlock and relock on a daily schedule or make modifications to the current automatic unlock/relock schedule

Install current PGCC owned and licensed software

Change the ability to use long distance and international calling services on a telephone or college-issued cell phone.

Request to have the security code reset for a telephone voice mailbox

Duplication of electronic media (copyright law and rules apply)

A/V equipment review, approval, and cost estimates

Add access to a PGCC local/network printer on your PC

Request a cell phone or other mobile device be assigned to an employee