Services (20)

A/V Equipment Repair

Request A/V equipment repair in a classroom, conference room, or common area

Connect to a Network Printer

Add access to a PGCC local/network printer on your PC

Cost Estimates for Audiovisual (A/V) Equipment

A/V equipment review, approval, and cost estimates

Cost Estimates for Hardware/Software

Hardware/Software review, approval, and cost estimates

Install or Relocate A/V Equipment

Install or relocate Audio Visual equipment

Media Duplication

Duplication of electronic media (copyright law and rules apply)

Meeting Setup Services

A/V setup for a meeting at a known location and time

Problem with a PGCC Owned Printer, Scanner, or Copier

Report a problem with a PGCC owned printer, scanner, or copier

Problem with PGCC Computer Equipment

Report a problem with PGCC owned computers, laptops, tablets, keyboards, and mice

Problem with PGCC Supported Software

Report a problem with PGCC supported software for computers, laptops and tablets

Purchase Audio Visual Equipment

Request to purchase audio visual equipment

Purchase Desktop Computer Technology

Request to purchase desktop computers

Purchase Laptop/Tablet Technology

Request to purchase laptop/tablet devices

Purchase Printer/Copier Technology

Request to purchase printer/copier devices

Purchase Technology Supplies

Purchase technology supplies

Purchase/Renew Software Technology

Request new purchase or renewal of software technology

Removal of Computer Equipment

Removal of excess technology equipment

Scan to a Network Folder

Setup/configure access from a scanner to a network location

Software Installation

Install current PGCC owned and licensed software

Zoom Web Conference

Request large scale conferencing or webinars on the Zoom platform