Services (11)

A/V Equipment Repair

Request A/V equipment repair in a classroom, conference room, or common area

Computer Software Installation

Install current PGCC owned and licensed computer software

Connect to a Network Printer

Add access to a PGCC local/network printer on your PC

Install or Relocate A/V Equipment

Install or relocate Audio Visual equipment

Media Duplication

Duplication of electronic media (copyright law and rules apply)

Meeting Setup Services

A/V setup for a meeting at a known location and time

Problem with a PGCC Owned Printer, Scanner, or Copier

Report a problem with a PGCC owned printer, scanner, or copier

Problem with PGCC Computer Equipment

Report a problem with PGCC owned computers, laptops, tablets, keyboards, and mice

Problem with PGCC Supported Computer Software

Report a problem with PGCC supported software for computers, laptops and tablets

Removal of Computer Equipment

Removal of excess technology equipment

Scan to a Network Folder

Setup/configure access from a scanner to a network location