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Zoom is a web conferencing application available at Prince George‚Äôs Community College. With Zoom, you can schedule and facilitate online audio and video conferences. This informational knowledge article provides training and support resources to help you navigate and learn to use Zoom. Note: The college's Vanity page is pgcc-edu.zoom.us.

Getting Started with Zoom:  Scroll down to the Attachments area for a printable quick reference guide. (For Faculty Only)

Scheduling Zoom Meetings: How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting in Canvas (For Faculty Only)

Starting Zoom Meetings: How to Start a Zoom Meeting in Canvas (For Faculty Only)

Run a Zoom Attendance Report: How to Run a Zoom Attendance Report for a Class Session (For Faculty Only)

Controlling Your Appearance in a Zoom Session: How to rename your presence, change or apply your background, and change your profile picture. 

Managing Meeting Controls and Participants: How to Manage Meeting Controls and Participants in a Meeting

Sharing Your Screen: How to Share Your Screen

Sharing the Whiteboard:  How to Share a Whiteboard

Managing Breakout Rooms: How to Manage Breakout Rooms

Enabling Zoom Live Transcription: How to Use the Live Transcription Feature

Securing Your Zoom Meetings: How to Secure Your Zoom Meetings

Using Zoom for Virtual Office Hours: How to Use Zoom for Virtual Office Hours

Zoom Video Tutorials: How to Zoom (YouTube Playlist)

For best practices on using Zoom, scroll down to the Attachments area and click View to access the PDF entitled Zoom Best Practices.


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