Zoom: How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting in Blackboard (Faculty)

Zoom allows you to communicate with your students in a real-time video conferencing tool that lets you add files, share your screen, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact. Note: Zoom will replace Collaborate Ultra in Blackboard as the Virtual Classroom beginning with Summer 2021 courses. 

This knowledge article demonstrates how to schedule a Zoom meeting in Blackboard.

Video tutorial of these steps. 

Step 1

Go to your Bb course then on the Navigation menu click Virtual Classroom. Note: This is a direct link to Zoom.

A red box surrounding the Virtual Classroom option on the Course Tools menu

Step 2

Read the Recording Release message first then click Zoom Meeting.

A red arrow pointing to the Zoom Meeting option

Step 3

Zoom’s default page is displayed. Click Schedule a New Meeting.

A red arrow pointing to the Schedule a New Meeting button on the Zoom default page

Step 4

A new meeting form is displayed. The following options are available:

  1. Topic:  Enter the name of the meeting/session. Provide a meaningful name to make the intention of the meeting/session clear.
  2. Description (Optional): Enter the meeting description.
  3. When: Choose the date and time of the meeting/session.
  4. Duration:  Set the time for how long the meeting/session will be held.
  5. Time Zone:  Choose the correct time zone.  The default time zone is GMT-04:00 Eastern Time (US and Canada) Recurring meeting (Optional):  Schedule meetings with multiple occurrences, so that each occurrence uses the same meeting ID and settings.
  6. Security:  Passcodes (automatically generated).  Can be changed to your specific passcode.
  7. Waiting Room is set to the default. Only users admitted by the host can join the meeting.
  8. Video is set to the default. Change as needed.
  9. Audio is set to the default. Change as needed.
  10. Meeting Options are set to the default. Change as needed.
  11. Alternative Hosts (Optional):  Have full host privileges until the host account joins the meeting and automatically becomes the host. Enter the email address of the alternative host.

A new Zoom meeting with the Topic numbered as 1, the Description numbered as 2, the When (Date) field numbered as 3, and the Duration numbered as 4

A new Zoom meeting with the Time Zone option numbered as 5, the Security option numbered as 6 and the Waiting Room option numbered as 7

A new Zoom meeting with the Video option numbered as 8, the Audio option numbered as 9, and the Meeting options numbered as 10

A new Zoom meeting with the Alternative Hosts field numbered as 11

Step 5

Click Save to save the scheduled meeting settings.

A red box surrounding the Save button on a new Zoom meeting

Step 6

Confirm Scheduled Meeting settings are correct. Click Edit this Meeting if needed to make any changes.

A red arrow pointing to the Edit this Meeting button the Course Meetings page

The Zoom meeting/session will be visible to students from their course. The meeting/session will appear in their Virtual Classroom, where they can join the meeting/session. See a screenshot of the student’s view below.

A screenshot of the student view of upcoming Zoom meetings with a red box surrounding the Join button

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