How To Print on Both Sides In PowerPoint

STEP 1: While in PowerPoint, click on File in the upper left hand corner.


STEP 2: Click Print.


STEP 3: Under settings, select to Print All Slides,

              Print a Selection of Slides,

              Print Current Slide or Select Custom Range of Slides to be printed. 


STEP 4: If you select to print a section of slides, in the slides section,

               list the slides you wish to print (i.e. 1,3,5,10)


STEP 5: Under the Print Layout, select how you would like the Slides printed

(Full page, Notes view, or Outline View).

Then select how many slides you would like printed per page under the handouts section.  


STEP 6: When printing multiple copies,

             select if you would like to collate the copies and

             if you would like to print on both sides of the page.


STEP 7: (Final Step)

              Select Print




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