Microsoft PowerPoint: How to Enable and Disable Presenter View on a Laptop

In Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, using Presenter view allows you to see your presentation’s notes and controls while your audience will view the contents on a separate screen.

Note: These steps will work with a laptop attached to the classroom instructor station. If using the monitor at the instructor station, you must change the display settings.

Organization of the Presenter View Interface

Step 1

​ Open PowerPoint. Locate the “Slide Show” tab as seen in the image below and left click on the tab.

PowerPoint Ribbon with SlideShow Tab indicated

Step 2

Once the tab has been selected look for an option marked “Use Presenter View”.

Use Presenter View Option--Checked

If this option is checked, then Presenter view will be used when you start playback of your slides. To disable Presenter view, simply uncheck the box.


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