Microsoft Outlook: How to Set Up Outlook on an Android Mobile Device

This askPGCC Knowledge Base Article demonstrates how to install and configure Outlook on your Android Device.
**** You can also access your PGCC email account through any browser.

Step 1

Locate the Play Store on your Android Home Page and type Outlook in the apps & games search.

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Step 2

Select Microsoft Outlook from the search options.

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Step 3

Click INSTALL Microsoft Outlook

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Step 4

Locate and open the Outlook Application from your application tiles. Once you have opened the Outlook Application, click ADD ACCOUNT and type your  PGCC Email Address.

PGCC Employee:

PGCC Students:

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Step 5

Type your Password

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Step 6

If prompted, Click on ACTIVATE to give Outlook Administrative Privileges. 

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Step 7

Congratulations, you are in your Inbox.

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