How to connect to the PGCC-WLAN wireless network

PGCC-WLAN Instructions

To connect to a wireless network, a wireless enabled device like a Laptop has to be physically inside a specific geographic location or zone. Inside this zone, devices called Access Points can provide wireless broadband network services to mobile visitors through a Wireless Local Area Network.  In computer terms this area is called a Wi-Fi “Hotspot” or “ZONE.”

Wireless access should be available throughout PGCC, Skilled Trade Center, University Town Center, Laurel College Center, and Westphalia Trade Center. These HotSpots are open for access by personally owned, wireless-enabled devices. 

A PGCC Owl Link account is required to connect to the PGCC-WLAN wireless network.

Connecting your device to the PGCC-WLAN Wireless Network:

(1)     Left-click the network icon in the system tray of the taskbar (typically found in the bottom right corner of the computer desktop) and then select the option: "PGCC-WLAN" and click Connect.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)   or   Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)   or   Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

(2) If prompted to continue connecting, click Connect.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

(3)* Enter your Owl Link user name and password then click OK.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

*Please note that Step 3 may not be necessary if you are using a college-owned device and are logged in already with your Owl Link account.

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