Avaya Cloud App: Quick Start Guide for macOS

Avaya Cloud is our new virtual phone system for remote work. While this new technology will allow you to text, make video calls and send messages, it will most often be used to place and receive calls from the computer so that our college community can remain in communication while working remotely. Below are some general use guidelines for logging in, placing and handling phone calls and using the Avaya Cloud application on macOS.


Sign in to Avaya Cloud

Launch the Avaya Cloud application by double clicking the icon in Finder -> Applications.

Avaya Cloud Application in Finder

If prompted, enter your full college email address to sign into Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral.

If prompted, enter your college username and password to complete your sign in. 

If asked "Do you want to allow this page to open 'Avaya Cloud'", click "Allow".


Placing a Phone Call

Click "Phone" in the left pane to utilize the soft-phone feature.

To place an internal call, you may 1) dial or type the 5-digit extension, 2) dial or type the 10-digit number, 3) type the employee's name and press Return. 

Placing a Phonecall with Avaya Cloud Office


In-Call Features

During your phone call, you will see a menu like the one below. Of note is the mute button to silence your microphone.

Click the "More" button for more options, ex: Hold, Transfer, Record, Park

Avaya Cloud Options In-Call Menu

After clicking "More", you will see a menu like the one below.

Avaya Cloud Office In-Call More Menu


Ending a Phone Call

To end a phone call, click the circular red button within the Avaya Cloud application.

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