Avaya Cloud Office Desktop Application - Getting Started Guide

Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) - Desktop Application Getting Started Guide

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ACO Desktop Application will launch automatically after every reboot.

  1. Click Sign in to get started
  2. Enter your PGCC Email Address and click Single Sign-on
    Check the box to Remember email and click Submit
  3. Enter your PGCC Username & Password and click Login
    Check the box to “Always allow app.cloudoffice.avaya.com to open links of this type in the associated app” and click Open Avaya Cloud
  4. Now, you are successfully logged in to the ACO Desktop Application.

Click on the icon with your initials to view/change your status and Sign out of the ACO Desktop Application!

How to make Phone Calls using ACO Desktop Application?

Click on the Dial Pad icon on the top right-hand corner of the window.Enter PGCC 5-digit Ext. or External number, and click the green phone button to make a phone call. The more button during an active call allows for Hold, Transfer, Record, Park, and Flip.

  • The phone system will use a 5-digit extension for internal dialing.  To make an internal call, you will have to dial “6” plus the 4-digit extension.

Internal Call example: College phone number: 301-546-0637.  ACO internal dialing (5-digit extension): 301-546-0637.

  • The phone system no longer requires *9 to make an external call.  To make an external call, you will dial the number directly as you would on your cell phone or home phone.

Off-campus/External Call example:  Dial:  301-555-1212.

The New Actions Icon (+ sign next to the Dial Pad icon) provides you with a few other alternative options.  Similar options are also available from the side menu bar.  For example,

  • Send a new message
  • Create team
  • Schedule or Start a video meeting
  • Sent new text or fax
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