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Zoom - Polls, Create, Save and Run


Polls are a great way to get students engaged in the class. They are also helpful in checking understanding of the content being discussed providing an opportunity for students to reflect and respond. Below are instructions on how to create, save and run zoom polls.


This is a step-by-step guide to creating, saving, and running a poll during class or meetings. Poll reports are available after the Zoom session has ended and completed processing. Question choices are single or multiple-choice polling questions. Polls can be launched during class to gather responses from the students/participants. The final poll report is downloadable as a CSV file. Polls can also be conducted anonymously, if there is no need to collect student information with the poll results.


Enable Polling for Zoom Meetings


First step is to enable the polling option before you are able to create a poll. In your web browser, sign in to https://pgcc-edu.zoom.us/ and select Settings in the Personal section of the left-hand menu.


Poll setting screenshot

Now you are in the Meeting tab. Scroll down until you find the Polling option nearly halfway down the screen - In Meeting (Basic) section. Toggle the slider to the right to enable polling.

Poll toggle on switch image

With Polling enabled, it’s time to create your poll.

Create a Poll


In the https://pgcc-edu.zoom.us/ web portal, select the Meetings tab in the left-hand menu.


Poll Meeting selection image

You can now schedule a new Zoom meeting, or select an already scheduled meeting from your meeting list. We’ll go ahead and select our scheduled meeting.

Poll Class session image

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you’ll find a box with text saying you have not created a poll. Select Add.

Poll add image

The Add A Poll window will appear. The first step is to give your poll a name and decide if the answers will be anonymous or not. This means that when you see the results, you’ll only see that a Guest answered the question instead of the actual user.

Ice breaker poll image

Next, type your question (within 255 characters), select if it will be single or multiple-choice answer, then type the available answers. You can have up to 10 answers for each question.

Note: Ideas on type of polls to use in class as meetings – 3 Ways to Use Polls in Meetings

Poll Question image

You can add more questions to the poll by selecting Add A Question at the bottom of the window, and repeating the above process. Once you’re finished, select Save.

Poll save image

Created 1 questioon image

When a Poll has been saved, you always have the opportunity to Edit the existing one and Add a new poll.

You can create up to 25 polls in Zoom with a max of 10 questions for each poll.

Now that you’ve created your poll, you can launch it during the Zoom meeting.

Start Your Poll During the Zoom Meeting


Once the Zoom meeting has started and you’re ready to launch the poll, select Polls found at the bottom of the meeting window.

Note: You must be logged in as the Host, Co-Host or Alternative Host to start a Poll. More information on Zoom Meeting Roles

Polling image

The Polls window will appear. Review the questions and answers, then select Launch Polling.

Pull launch image

You’ll be able to see the polling results in real time. Once everyone has voted, select “End Polling.”

end polling image

You’ll now see the results of the poll. You can either share the results of the poll with the attendees or relaunch the polling.

Poll share relaunch image    share poll image

View Poll Results

If you’d like to go back and view the results later, select the meeting in the Previous Meetings tab in the web portal, select Poll Report next to the Report type option, and generate the report. You can then view the results from past meetings.

poll report image

Poll Reports can be downloaded as CSV files. The file will display responses.


poll csv report


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