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You can record your Zoom meeting or webinar locally to your computer or to the cloud. Locally recorded meetings and webinars can only be accessed on the computer that recorded the meeting. Cloud recordings are the default recording method at PGCC, and are automatically transferred to Panopto

The host must record the meeting or grant a participant the ability to record.  To start recording a meeting, click the Record icon on the Zoom toolbar.  The video will record to the cloud and  automatically be uploaded to Panopto. 

Steps to record, access, edit, caption and share your Zoom meeting:

  1. Record your Zoom meeting in the cloud
  2. Once you've conducted your meeting, click "End Meeting"
  3. The recording will automatically transfer to Panopto.
  4. You will receive an automated email once the recording has been processed
  5. Visit My Media in either Panopto
  6. Your most recent recording should display at the top of this page
  7. From there you can edit your recording, caption it, and make it shareable

Informational Video on how to move your Zoom/Panopto recordings

Zoom Resources: 


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