Owl Link: How to View and Complete Your Financial Aid Required Documents (Credit)

Students must complete the tasks on the Financial Aid Checklist and provide all required documents before the Financial Aid office can evaluate your information.

This knowledge article demonstrates how to view and complete your required documents.

Step 1

After logging into Owl Link and clicking Financial Aid Home under Financial Aid and Financial Information.

 Step 2

The Account Activity page displays. Click the Financial Information menu then click Financial Aid.

The Financial Aid option highlighted on the Financial Information menu

Step 3

The Financial Aid Home page displays. Click either of the Complete Required Documents links.

Both complete required documents links numbered as 1 and 2 respectively

OR you can access required documents by clicking Required Documents from either menu.

Required Documents highlighted on both menus

Step 4

The Required Documents page displays. A document with an incomplete status will have a link to the required document. Click the link(s) to access and complete the required document(s).

The Incomplete document status is highlighted and missing documents are numbered as 1 and 2

The required document opens in a new browser tab.

A PDF of the required document

Note: Once you accept your financial aid awards package, you will have additional required documents which you must complete.

Next Step

The notification regarding the status of your financial aid award package has changed. Scroll down and refer to the Checklist to view the Action Needed items. Click each link to complete the required documents.

The Complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling link is numbered as 1, the Sign a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note link is numbered as 2, and the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment link is numbered as 3

The studentaid.gov opens in a new browser tab.

Image of the studentaid.gov website homepage