Jamf Self Service App: How to Install Applications Using the Jamf Self Service App

Your PGCC issued Mac computer is already pre-configured with the colleges standard applications. However, the college does offer other applications that are not normally installed, such as the web browser, Mozilla Firefox or the video conferencing software, Zoom to name a few. These applications are accessible for you to install through the Self Service App.

This knowledge article demonstrates how to install applications from the Jamf Self Service App on your Macintosh computer.

To open the Self Service App, you have two options: the Finder window or through the Launch Pad. 

Step 1

Open Finder, and go to the Applications folder, then select the Self Service App.

Title: Finder Window, e.g. red arrows pointing to finder icon/ and application folder

Or select the Launch Pad icon from the Dock, which will also take you to the Applications folder then select the Self Service App.

Title: LaunchPad, e.g. red arrows pointing to launch pad icon

Title: Self-Service App, e.g. red circle showing the installed self-service app

Step 2

Once you open the Self Service App, you will see the following menu. Select Install to install your desired software.

Title: Application to install, e.g. Red arrows point to applications that can be installed.


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