Adobe Acrobat DC: How to Combine, Rearrange, & Split PDF Files

In Adobe Acrobat DC, you can use the Combine Files tool to combine multiple files into one PDF - existing PDFs, Word documents, JPEG photos, etc. You can also edit existing PDFs by removing or rearranging pages.

Note: Adobe Acrobat DC is also referred to as "Adobe Acrobat Pro DC", such as in the window titles below. The Combine Files tool is not available in Adobe Reader DC.

To use the Combine Files tool, start by launching Adobe Acrobat DC.

Accessing the Tools tab

Click the Tools tab button near the top left of the Adobe Acrobat DC window.

Adding the Combine Files tool shortcut

The Tools Pane should appear on the right side of the Acrobat DC window. If it does not appear, pressing Shift+F4 should open it. 

Underneath the Combine Files tool icon, click the Add button to add a Combine Files shortcut to the Tools Pane. 

You can rearrange the Tools Pane by clicking and dragging the shortcuts:

Open the Combine Files tool by clicking this shortcut, or by clicking the Open button underneath the tool icon.

Adding Files

When the tool is opened, click the Add Files button. 

Select the files you wish to combine. This can be existing PDFs, Word documents, photos, etc. Click Open.

You can later add additional files from other locations by clicking the Add Files... button in the toolbar. 

Editing Pages

You can re-arrange files by clicking and dragging them. You can also view a larger preview of files by clicking the Magnifying Glass button while hovering your mouse over the file. Files can be removed by first selecting them and then clicking the Trash Can button.

You can expand multi-page files (PDFs, Word documents, etc.) by clicking the Double Arrow button:

Individual pages of a multi-page file appear within a shaded area of the window. The pages can be re-arranged and removed by the same process as with files. 

Combining Pages into one PDF file

Once you are finished adding, arranging, and editing your files, click the Combine button near the top right corner of the window:

Your combined pages will open as a single PDF document.

Go to File > Save As, or press Ctrl + Shift + S, to save your combined file. 

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