How to submit an eLearning ticket from Canvas

How to Access Canvas Support 

Canvas Support is a service that can answer your Canvas and other eLearning technology questions any time day or night. It’s available for students, faculty, and staff. You can access 24/7 Canvas Support by email, call, and chat.  Please note that using the email option creates a ticket which will be reviewed by the eLearning team during business hours.  It's the preferred option for submitting tickets.  Canvas ticket support includes support for applications with LTIs including Zoom, Panopto, Hypothesis, VoiceThread and Respondus. 

1. To submit your request to 24/7 Canvas Support while logged into Canvas at the location of the issue, click the Help icon (?) in the global navigation bar on the left as shown below.  :

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) 

2. The eLearning support panel will pop up as shown below.  At the bottom of the “How can we help you?” pane, select your desired contact method, email, call or chat.  If you choose call or chat, you will be connected with 24/7 rep who can provide immediate assistance or submit a ticket to eLearning if they unable to resolve your issue. 

eLearning Support Center Panel with links to email, chat and phone at the bottom.

Email:  Submit an eLearning ticket

If you choose to send an Email, decide who to Send it to, then enter a Subject and a detailed message.  Finally click Then click “Send Email” as shown below:

Email option on elearning support center
Anyone including faculty and student who submit tickets will receive an immediate copy of their ticket in email and an eLearning staff member will contact you during college business hours. 


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