Canvas HE First Day Ready Test Out

The Canvas First Day Ready Test Out is an opportunity for faculty be exempted from the requirement for online asynchronous, structured remote and hybrid of completing the First Day Ready course which is a requirement to teach course in a variety of modalities. The directions that follow take you step by step through enrolling in the assessment and taking the test. 

1. Access Canvas through the mypgcc portal. 

2. Select the Courses icon that appears on the left hand side. (Hint - It looks like a book.)

3. In the window that pops up scroll down to the bottom and choose All Courses

4. Select Browse More Courses.

5. You should see the following course in the list:  PGCC_DL/HY_SKILLS_ASSESSMENT.  Click the + Join The Course button.

Note:  Please be sure to scroll depending on the size of the screen to see the course. 

6. Once you enter the course read the directions on the home page for accessing the test out. 

7. When ready click on the Module menu item and then choose Canvas Skills Assessment Module.  Review the directions on first page of the module called Skills Assessment Directions.  Then select Canvas Assessment. Follow the directions for completing the exam.

If you experience any issues or have additional questions, please contact 

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