Owl Link: How to Log into Owl Link as a Proxy

After being granted proxy access, a proxy will log into Owl Link for the first time using the username and temporary password provided. You will receive two emails: one with your user name and a separate email with your temporary password. The email will come from ss_proxy@pgcc.edu.

This knowledge article demonstrates how to log into Owl Link as a proxy.

Step 1

Click on the link provided in the email. You will be directed to the Self-Service sign-in page.

Step 2

Enter your user name and temporary password then click Sign In.

Self-Service sign in page

Step 3

Upon the first log in, a Proxy will be required to create a new password. Enter your user name, current password, new password, confirm your new password, and then click Change Password.

Change password dialog appears

Step 4

Upon successful completion of the password change, the below message will pop up on the screen.  To access Owl Link you will need to log back in using the new password created. Click the link to be taken back to the log-in screen.

A notification appears stating that your password has been successfully changed.

Step 5

Enter your user name and the new password you created.  Upon successful log in you will be taken to your Self-Service Home page. Click Continue to proceed.

A red box highlighting the Continue button on the Person proxy dialog

Below image is the home page view for a proxy that has no records of their own to access.  You will know whose record you are accessing by the name that appears at the top of the screen.

A red box surrounding the proxy's user name on the Self-Service Home page

Step 6

To view the student’s information to which you have been granted access, click Sign out then click Change Proxy User.

An red arrow pointing to Sign out and a red box surrounding the Change Proxy User option on the menu


Click your user name then click Change Proxy User.

A red arrow pointing to your username and red box surrounding the Change Proxy User option on the menu

Step 7

Click the name of the student account you wish to view then click Continue.

A red box surrounding the Continue button on the Person Proxy dialog

You are now in the student record.  Student name of the record you are in will be found at the top of the screen.  Information you have been authorized to view will show on the home screen.

The Self-Service Home screen with a red box surrounding the proxy information and the accessible information available

For answers to Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs), scroll up to the Attachments area to download the FAQs document.


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