Owl Link: Overview of the Student Planning Module

With Student Planning, you can search for courses, plan your terms, and schedule and register your course sections. You can view your plan in calendar format as well as choose options to view your progress.

This knowledge article provides you with an overview of the Student Planning module.

Student Planning

The Planning Overview page is divided into four (4) sections:

  1. My Progress;
  2. Plan & Schedule;
  3. Programs in which you are enrolled; and
  4. A calendar view of your current schedule,

The Planning Overview page

My Progress

Use My Progress to plan your courses, view program requirements, view progress to completion, or to view a new program if you are considering changing your major. My Progress shows your progress towards the degree as well as the degree audit. Note that you can view the requirements for another program using the View a New Program tool.

Plan & Schedule

Use Plan & Schedule to select course sections and register for your planned courses, view your educational plan, and view your timeline of current, past, and future semesters. There are four (4) tabs on the Plan & Schedule screen:

  • The Schedule tab is where you will be scheduling and registering for your courses.
  • The Timeline tab will show you the plan as a timeline, term by term. The Timeline gives you a breakdown of courses you have taken and any courses you plan for future semesters. You can plan and add additional terms as needed.
  • The Advising tab shows notes the Advisor has made. When the plan is ready for review, you can request a review.
  • The Petitions & Waivers tab allows you to view any student petitions, faculty consents, and requisite waivers.


Each program in which you are enrolled is displayed here. You can double-click the program to quickly navigate to My Progress.

Current Semester Schedule

Your current schedule is displayed in a calendar format with registered courses appearing in green while planned courses appear in yellow.


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