Owl Link: How to Search for Course Availability Using Subject Search (Credit)

There are multiple methods you can use to search for courses.  You can search by keywords, subject or perform an advanced search using specific criteria. Use the Subject Search feature to browse by subject or if you know the full name of the course.

This knowledge article demonstrates how to search for courses using the Subject Search feature.

Step 1

While logged into Owl Link, click Course Search on the Home page.

Step 2

The Search for Courses and Course Sections screen appears. Click the Subject Search tab.

There are two methods for using the Subject Search by typing a subject in the look-up field or scrolling to locate a subject.

The Search for a subject screen with the Type a subject look-up field numbered as 1 and a subject hyperlink numbered as 2

Step 3

In the Search for a course subject, type the name of a subject, e.g. Communication, then click the subject hyperlink.

An arrow pointing to the Search for a course subject look-up field

The search results displays. Use the Filter Results pane to narrow your search by applying additional filters such as Availability, Locations, etc.

The search results is displayed with a box surrounding the Filter Results pane

Step 4

Scroll down and under Terms, click Show All Terms.   

An arrow pointing to the Show All Terms hyperlink under the Terms section

Step 5

Click your desired term, e.g. Spring 2021 Semester. 

A box surrounding Spring 2021 Semester under the Terms section

Step 6

To view courses with Zero Cost Textbooks, select that check box under Course Types to apply the filter.

An arrow pointing at the Zero Cost Textbooks filter under Course Types

Zero Cost Textbooks courses are displayed.

A box surrounding the letter, Z, which symbolizes a Zero Cost Textbook course

Step 7

Click View Available Sections for your desired course, e.g. COM-1010 then click Add Section to Schedule.

The search results displayed with an arrow pointing to the Add Section to Schedule button

Step 8

The Section Details dialog appears. Click Add Section.

The Section Details dialog with an arrow pointing to the Add Section button

A notification message appears at the top of the screen, 

An arrow pointing to the notification message

Step 9

To return to the Course Search landing page, click the Back to Course Search link.

Note: After a course is planned, students must register. Please see the knowledge article "How to Plan, Schedule, Register for, and Drop Courses."  A student is not enrolled in a course until they have completed the registration process.

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