Blackboard (Faculty/Students): How to Add an Avatar

An avatar is a photo or other digital image that represents a user.  Your personal avatar appears throughout Blackboard, including in the global navigation, in the notifications modules, and in journals, blogs, discussions, and wikis.  This article explains how to add an avatar image.  For a video tutorial, click here.

Step 1

From the "My eLearning" page (first page you enter once you login to Blackboard) or, click on the "My eLearning" link, locate the "Tools" Module, and click on "Personal Information".

Step 2

From the "Personal Information" page, click "Personalize My Settings".

Step 3

From the "Personalize My Settings" page,

1. Select "Use custom avatar image".
2. Click on "
Browse My Computer" to look for the image you wish to use.
3. Click "

Step 4

A couple of examples where the avatar appears:

1. In the global navigation area, on the top right corner of your screen next to your name.

2. In the discussion board forums.



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