Blackboard (Faculty): How to Create a Syllabus Using Syllabus Builder

The Syllabus Builder allows you to create a syllabus in modular format. You can specify the design and add lesson information..

Step 1:
Click on "Syllabus & Schedule" from the Navigation Button 

Step: 2
Click on "Build Content" and select "Syllabus"

Step: 3
Type the "Syllabus Name" and select "Create New Syllabus"

Step: 4
Click "Submit".

Step: 5
On the "Syllabus Builder" page, three headings appear by default: Description, Learning Objectives, and Required Materials.  You can edit the section headings. Type instructions or a description in each box. You can format the text with an option in the editor.  For more information on the editor, click here

Step 6:
In the "Syllabus Design" section, select the style, and color of your syllabus.

Step 7:
In the "Build Lessons" section, select the "Create Special Number of Lesson Shells" option and type a number. You provide lesson information in later steps. Alternatively, you can select the "Do Not Create Lesson Shells" option.

Step 8:
Select the appropriate options for availability, tracking, and display dates. Display dates don't affect a syllabus's availability, only when it appears.

Step 9:
Click "Submit".  You can then view your syllabus and provide the details for the lessons. You can change the syllabus content at any time. Access the syllabus's menu and select "Edit".


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