Blackboard (Faculty): How to Create a Grade Center Column

There are two types of grade center columns, "Manually Created Grade Columns" and "Automatically Created Grade Center Columns".  You can manually create grade columns for activities that took place outside of class, such as a museum trip, extra credit, attendance etc.. For manually added items, the grade column is populated when you assign the grades.

Manually Create Grade Center Column

Step 1:
From the "Control Panel" in your course, select "Grade Center" and click on "Full Grade Center":

Control Panel

Step 2:

In the Grade Center, select "Create Column".

Step 3:

Provide "Column Name" and an optional description. The name becomes the column name in the Grade Center and on students' "My Grades" pages.

Step 4:

Make a selection in the Primary Display menu. The selection is the grade format shown in the Grade Center and to students in "My Grades". If you created custom grading schemas, they appear in the list. Five default options appear:

  • Score: A numeric grade is the default setting. If you don't make a selection, the score appears in the grid.
  • Text: Text appears in the column when you create and associate a text grading schema.
  • Percentage: A percentage appears. For example, a score of 21/30 appears as 70%.
  • Letter: A letter grade appears. The default grading schema is used to assign letter grades.
  • Complete/Incomplete: When a student submits an item, a Completed icon appears in the column regardless of the score achieved.

Step 5:

Optionally, make a selection in the "Secondary Display" menu. The default setting is 'None'. In the Grade Center column, the secondary value appears in parentheses. The secondary value does not appear to students.

Step 6:

  • Optionally, you can associate the column with a category. The default setting is "No Category". Use categories to filter Grade Center data, create smart views, and create calculated columns.
  • In the "Points Possible" box, enter the total points. Entries must be numeric.

Step 7:

Optionally, provide a "Due Date". You can use due dates with the Retention Center to generate an alert if a test or assignment isn't submitted on time. Due dates also appear on the course calendar.

Step 8:

Select the Options:

  • Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations: Select "Yes" to make the column available for potential inclusion when creating calculated columns.
  • Show this Column to Students: Select "Yes" to display the column to students in My Grades.
  • Show Statistics (average and median) for this Column to Students in My Grades: Select "Yes" to include statistical information with the grade value when shown to students.

Step 9:

Select "Submit".


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