Owl Link: How to Accept, Reject, and Electronically Sign a Faculty Contract

Effective Fall 2018, faculty contracts must be accepted or rejected online in Owl Link.  The instructions below explain how to do so.

Step 1

Log into Owl Link.

Step 2

Select the Faculty & Staff menu item.

Select Faculty/Staff menu item

Step 3

Scroll down the page to the Faculty Information section and select Faculty Contract.

Step 5

Select the check box next to the contract that you wish to accept or reject and select submit.

Step 6

Select the drop down menu and choose to Accept or Reject the contract, select the check box to agree to the electronic signature, then select Submit. 

NOTE:  If you reject the contract, you must enter a reason in the comment box below the Accept/Reject drop down menu. 

Steps to Accept or Reject a Faculty Contract

Step 7

Select the link that appears on the next screen to download a PDF copy of your signed contract. Print or save the PDF copy of your contract.

Accept or Reject Faculty Contract



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