How to Add the Panopto Video Link to Your Course Menu (Faculty)

All Zoom course recordings that are recorded to the cloud will be stored in Panopto.  You will need to configure the Panopto Video link in each of your course sections so students will have access to the course recordings.  The below steps will walk you through how to add the  Panopto Video link to your Bb course menu.  

Step 1

Click on Quicklinks in your course menu. 

Select Quicklinks

Step 2

Scroll down and click on Course Tools.

Select Course Tools

Step 3

Scroll down the right column, click on Panopto Content.

Click on Panopto Content

Step 4

Click on Configure

Click on Configure

Step 5

Click on Add Course to Panopto.

Click on Add Course to Panopto

Step 6

Select Return to Course

Select Return to Course

Step 7

Click the refresh icon that is right above the course menu. 

Click on Refresh

Step 8

You should now see the Panopto Video link in your course menu.  Your Zoom recordings will be available here.  

Video Link

Step 9

If you have recorded Zoom sessions in your course before you configured the Panopto Video link, see the related article "How to Move Your Zoom Recordings to Your Panopto Course Folder (Faculty)" to move your previously recorded sessions to your Panopto course folder.  

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