How to Move Your Zoom Recordings to Your Panopto Course Folder (Faculty)

If you have recorded your class sessions in Zoom before creating a Panopto Video link in your course,  you will need to move the recordings from your "My Meetings" folder to the Course folder in Panopto.  This will allow students to click on the Panopto Video link in your course and access the class recordings. 

Step 1

Confirm that you have configured the Panopto Video link in your Bb course. If not, you will find instructions for this in the attached document.  

Course menu

Step 2

Click on the Panopto Video link in your Bb course. 

Panopto video link

Step 3

Click on the name of the course folder.

Click on folder name

Step 4

Choose the Meeting Recordings folder listed under the course folder.

Select Meetings Folder

Step 5

Select Settings.  You may need to move your cursor to make this option display.

Select Settings

Step 6

Select Edit to edit the folder it is located in.

Select Edit

Step 7

Click on Blackboard Courses to display the list of your Bb course folders. Select your Bb course folder.

Select Blackboard Courses Folder1

Step 8

Select Save

Select Save

Step 9 

Click the X in the upper right corner.

Click on the X to exit

Step 10 

To change the My Meeting folder back to the course folder, click on the dropdown next to Meeting Recordings.  

Click on Dropdown near Meeting Recordings

Step 11

Select your course folder.

Select Course Folder

You should now see your recording in the course folder when you click on Panopto Video link from your course menu.  

Informational Video about moving your Zoom recordings into Panopto Course folders. 

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