Is Your Course Menu Missing (Faculty & Students):

Depending on the resolution and size of your device screen, there are times when Blackboard (Bb) will collapse the course menu so you do not see it. This is a feature of Blackboard to use the entire screen surface to display the content of the course.  This article shows how to expand and collapse the course menu.  

If your course menu is hidden, scroll down the left side of the screen where you should see a gray line.  You will see an arrow pointing to the right.  Click on the arrow and the course menu will be displayed.    

  • If you don't see the gray line to expand the course menu, try enlarging the browser window. 
  • You might also want to check that your browser window is not zoomed in as this will also cause Blackboard to hide the course menu.

Menu links are missing

After clicking on the arrow, you should see the course menu. You should now be able to see the arrow pointing to the left.  If you would like to collapse the course menu, click on the arrow.  

Remove Course menu


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