Respondus LockDown Browser (Students): How to Download and Install Respondus LockDown Browser on a Chromebook

Faculty have the option of applying the Respondus LockDown Browser to assessments given in Canvas.  When the LockDown Browser is applied, students will be unable to print, capture screen content, go to URL's or access other applications while taking assessments. Students will need to download and install the LockDown browser onto your device in order to access assessments that use the LockDown Browser.  

This Knowledge Article will show how to download and install the Respondus LockDown Browser on a Chromebook.  

Step 1

The below LockDown Browser installation link will direct students to the Chrome web store, at which point you should select Add to Chrome to install the LockDown Browser Extension:

Step 2

To use the Browser Extension when taking an assessment, log into Canvas and navigate to the exam that requires LockDown Browser.  The LockDown Browser extension will be started automatically when an assessment requires it.

To obtain technical support, or to report a bug/issue, open a support ticket at

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