Blackboard (Faculty): How to Use the Student Preview Mode in Blackboard

The Instructor role has the capability to become a student in the course for the purpose of reviewing the course from a student's perspective. 

This knowledge article provides the steps on how to become a preview student and how to exit the preview student mode in Blackboard.

In the Student Preview mode, you can review the course content from a student's perspective.  While in this mode,
you can do these student activities:

  • Student assignments
  • Take tests
  • Create blog and discussion posts
  • Create journal and wiki entries
  • View student tools, such as My Grades

Student Preview is different from Edit Mode.  While Edit Mode hides your edit controls and content under certain
conditions, the student preview allows you to experience your course as your students will.

Step 1

Enter Student Preview mode
On the upper right corner of the page, click the Student Preview symbol:

Student preview creates a student account, called the preview user. You will be logged in as the preview

user and enrolled in the current course. When you enter student preview mode, the student preview bar
appears at the top of each page. The bar displays the text, Student Preview mode is ON, and has Settings and Exit Preview functions:

Student preview mode is active only in the courses where you enable it. You're still an instructor in the rest
of Blackboard Learn. However, the same preview user account is used when you enter student preview mode in more than one course.

Your Student Preview Account

When you enter student preview mode and are logged in to your course with the student preview account, your student
preview user appears in the course roster. The preview user is visible to all students enrolled in the course. Students and administrators can easily identify your preview user account by the same username followed by _previewuser

For example:  If the username is facultydemo1,
                      the preview username will be facultydemo1_previewuser

If you teach a course with another instructor, you each have a preview user account.  As a preview user, all the data associated with your activities are captured by Blackboard, such as submitted assignments and discussion posts.  Other students can interact with your preview user. 

For example, they can reply to your posts as though you were another student enrolled in the course.

Step 2

Exit and Delete your preview user account

Select Exit Preview to exit the student preview. If you leave the course and don't exit from student preview, when you return to the course, you'll be in student preview mode:

When you exit the student preview, you are prompted to Keep or Delete the preview user and all its associated data:

Option 1:   Delete the preview user and data (Recommended)

Note:  All activity conducted or created as the preview user is removed from the course permanently.
Removal includes test attempts, assignment submissions, grades, and discussion posts.

Option 2:   Keep the preview user and all data

Note:  The preview user account appears in the course roster, Grade Center, and any place you interacted as that user.

For a video on how to use the preview student mode, click here.


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